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Puppy social sessions

Doggy Daycare


When it comes to taking care of your little ones, Jake's Adventures Petcare. is the place to be.

With a focus on safety and fun, we provide a welcoming atmosphere where your pet can socialize and have a great time with other friendly dogs. Our experienced team offers a range of activities to keep your pet entertained and engaged.

Opening times are:

from 7am till 6pm. Monday to Friday

Drop off times for daycare is between 7am and 8pm

Collection timed for daycare is between 5pm and 6pm

If you require Collection and Delivery in the DN6 area this can be arranged.

Collection is from 8.30am and Delivery is after 4pm 

Flexible availability for shift workers. 


Things to Remember

Daycare things to remeber

Customer registration forms need to be filled in and details kept up to date along the away. 

Services will not be offered without an initial consultation or meet and greet with the dog present and is subject good interaction with other dogs and children. 

  • All dogs need to have their puppy vaccinations at least two weeks before the first day and boosters every 12 months. Please make sure I have the correct date for the last boosters. (unfortunately Titer tested dogs can not be accepted without proof of boosters for leptospirosis) 

  • All dogs need to be chipped by law and details available. I may ask for the chip number for my files. 

  • Customer registration forms need to be filled out prior to first day.

  • The service will not be offered to any dog with a history of aggression or severe separation anxiety.

  • Daycare is a service to care for puppies and dogs in a safe engaging environment, not an opportunity for training or solving behavioral issues.

  • We are unable to accept intact dogs over a year old and bitches in heat.

  • All licensed services are subject to trial day in daycare to establish compatibility. 

Please fetch with you :

  • Collar with identity tag (they must be worn at all times)

  • Lead and harness if used. 

  • Grooming tools if regular grooming is needed. 

  • Enough food for the day if needed, food can be provided for additional cost.

  • Any medication needed.

Throughout the day your dog may be left unattended, but safe at my home while I carry out walking duties with other dogs. Never longer than a couple of hours.

This may be due walking an unsocial dog or attending an vaccinated puppy for puppy visits.

If this is unacceptable please get in touch. 

To find out if we are taking on any new customers please get in touch.

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