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Trial Session 


All new clients are required to attend a mandatory trial session before services are agreed. 

Full day in Daycare or 24 hours Boarding is a regulation requirement from the local licence authority. 

All Boarding and Daycare is carried out in our home.

Some dogs just either get overwhelmed or over excited to be in close quarters with other dogs and hoomans that they don't know very well.

A great way to make sure everyone is safe and content while they stay in our home, is to familiarise them with the environment and get them used to meeting new dogs. 

Our trail days are designed so they can meet a few new dogs, join in with the activities we do throughout the day and make sure the environment is suitable for them. 

Not all dogs are suited to a day care or boarding service, but we try our best to make sure they can integrate into the group and feel comfortable and content while we have down time in the house. 

Dog Boarding: Inner_about

       We reserve the right to refuse service to any dog presenting undesirable behavior including, but not inclusive of:

  • Insubordinate behavior, including lack of recall or name recognition. 

  • Excessive Barking​.

  • Unexpected damage to property on a regular basis.

  • Urinating in either a care givers home or vehicle.

  • Excessive Mounting or Humping of any kind.

  • Continued over the top/rough play.

  • Any signs or aggression towards other dogs, carers, or members of the public.

Assessments are carried out throughout the day to make sure we only admit social and well behaved dogs into our home for their safety and that of our other clients.

Our Day 

In Daycare and Boarding 

6am - 7am ~ Boarding Breakfast & Interactive Play

7am - 8am ~ Daycare Arrivals. 

8am - 9am ~ Daycare Collections

9am - 10am ~ Boarding Arrivals. 

10am - 11am ~ Interactive Play

11am - 2pm ~ Play Date in Secure field Field Walk with Others. 

2pm - 4pm ~ Interactive Play and Down Time. 

4pm - 5pm ~ Daycare Taxi Home

5pm - 6pm ~ Daycare Departures and Boarding Tea Time

6pm+ ~ Closed. Boarding Evening Walks & Down Time .