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Dog Boarding 

An amazing alternative to Kennels. 

Not all Dogs feel comfortable in the kennel environment, I know Jake doesn't!

Home boarding is an amazing alternative, giving you the peace of mind your little one will be looked after by a reliable and experienced dog lover. All of my fury visitors get treated like one of the family and have their own bed situated in the house where they usually sleep while they are at their own home. 

Other friendly dogs join us throughout the week for daycare and the odd adventure, so there's plenty of entertainment to keep them happy. 

Licensed and regulated through Doncaster council you can rest assured your little one will be safe and secure in our home on their own holiday.  

Please get in touch to find out if we are taking on new customers.

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Boarding Preparation:

Leaving your family pet with us while you go away hopefully will be stress free and help you enjoy your holiday. I'll give you updates regularly and feel free to ask for a photo at anytime to put your mind at ease.

Boarding services will not be offered without an initial meeting with the dog present and a successful 24 hrs trial at a reduced rate of £20.

Some things to remember to prepare for the stay with us. 

  • All dogs need to have their vaccinations up to date at least two weeks before the first day. Please fetch the vaccination records on arrival or send a photo through WhatsApp. 

  • All dogs need to be chipped by law and details available. I may ask for the chip number for my files. 

  • Customer registration forms need to be filled out and signed prior to the stay.

  • Boarding is a service to care for puppies and dogs in a safe engaging environment, not an opportunity for training or solving behavioural issues.

  • We are unable to accept intact dogs over a year old and bitches in heat.

  • Unfortunately we are unable to accomodate dogs that bark excessively. 

Please fetch with you :

  • Collar with identity tag (they must be worn at all times)

  • Harness if used, we use our own leads. 

  • Bed or blanket to help settle at night.

  • Grooming tools if regular grooming is needed. 

  • Enough food for the stay (it will be returned if not all of it is used), food can be provided for additional cost.

  • Any medication needed.

  • It's advisable to leave an item of clothing of yours to help with separation anxiety for the first stay away from home.  

Throughout the day your dog may be left unattended but safe at my home while I carry out walking duties with other dogs. Never longer than a couple of hours.

This may be due walking an unsocial dog or attending an un-vaccinated puppy for puppy visits.

If this is unacceptable please get in touch.

Arrivals and departure is automatically arranged for between 9am and 10am to allow dogs to join into activities throughout the day and feel at home so they settle at night.

If you need to arrange an alternative time please let me know at the time of booking. 

Boarding charges are calculated and charged for 24 hours (or part thereof).

Longer duration's can be arranged in advance for an additional daycare charge. 

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