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Initial In-Home Consultation

Meet and greet to go over potential services Please get in touch to discuss your requirements first

    Service Description

    We hold consultations for every new client we meet, they are an essential part of getting to know you and for you to feel confident trusting your pets with us. #1. You can get to know us and we can get to know you and your pets. Leaving your home and your pets in the care of a stranger takes a leap of faith. We appreciate your apprehension and want you to feel confident that your home is safe, and your pets are happy with us. #2. To make sure that we are a good match for your pets. We want you to have confidence in the person who will be caring for your pets. The initial consultation provides an opportunity for you and your pets to meet us and interact. #3. To allow us to fully understand your pet care routine. #4. To understand your pet’s environment Every pet has a different routine and we want to duplicate that routine as much as possible in your absence, lessening your pet’s stress. Sleeping arrangements, hiding locations, favourite ways to play; it’s important that we know what they like to do so we can make sure their routine doesn’t change while you are way. The more detail you can give us, the better the experience everyone will have. #5. To ask any questions you have. The initial consultation is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about the services we offer. We want you to be happy with everything before you go away. Nb. You run the risk of loosing your requested dates if the Initial Consultation and boarding trial is postponed, due to boarding requests being accepted regularly, dates are not secured until the 25% deposit has been paid succeeding a successful 24hr trial.

    Cancellation Policy

    Please see terms and conditions for cancellation policy By requesting a booking you agree to the terms and conditions of service.

    Contact Details


    27 Marson Avenue, Woodlands, Doncaster, UK

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